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    Location: Crescendo Acres & Farm Shoppe
    21 Carpenter Rd, Surry, NH 03431

    Phone: (603)-352-9380

    Email : [email protected]

    Monday – Saturday, 11AM – 4PM
    Open Sundays Nov & Dec


    We reside to the north of Keene, New Hampshire in the Village of Surry.

    • To visit us starting from Keene, go north on Rte. 12.
    • After approximately 1-1.5 miles take a right onto the ramp for the Maple Ave. exit.
    • At the bottom of the ramp take your right onto Maple Ave. heading toward Rt-12A/Surry.
    • Go .2 miles to the Roundabout.
    • Go straight through and proceed 5.9 miles on Rt-12A to Surry.
    • Carpenter Rd. is a dirt road on your left. Go to end of the road, we are the last house and are red in color.