Do you need your clipper blades sharpened but have no time to get them done? Mail Crescendo Acres your clipper blades or clippers  for fast and convenient sharpening and repair . It couldn’t be any easier!
We also offer repair service and parts for your animal clippers. We specialize in Double K, Oster and Andis clippers. Our turnaround time is usually 2-3 days for blade sharpening and clipper repair.

See below for pricing and shipping instructions.*

Items for sharpening can be dropped off at:

Crescendo Acres – Carpenter Road, Surry, NH
Keene Agway – Keene, NH
Please contact us for other drop off locations.

We now sharpen knives, shears, pruners, scissors, lawn mower blades, chainsaw chains & many other items.

*Regrind Pricing & Shipping:

We regrind most brands of clipper blades. Please call us if you have questions. we will be glad to help you

A5 blades cleaned, sharpened and; tested – $6.50
A5 extra wide blades cleaned sharpened and tested $7.50
Clipmaster & sheep style blades $9.00

WAHL ARCO blades 5 in 1 blade sharpening cost $12.50

Return Shipping Prices

For blade sharpening – $12.00

All other items  shipping will be based on weight and distance.


Shipping Instructions

Be sure to use rigid packaging. Clipper blades are heavy and pointed if allowed to move in shipment can easily go through the end of envelopes.

We recommend using boxes for shipping if using envelopes of any kind be sure the ends are taped extra strong.

Teeth on blades are very brittle if allowed to hit each other in shipment the teeth will chip ( we see this often). Be sure to wrap blades well in newsprint, paper towel, or bubble wrap to protect teeth. Package them to prevent movement in shipping. Remember blades are heavy and will move easily.

Never ship your blades unwrapped and loose in the package – they will break.

USPS offers flat rate boxes free of charge; they work well and are easy to use. You can get them no charge at the postal service and the shipping charges are very good.

Please mail your blades to our address, and remember to include your check for the sharpening and your Return Shipping.

Return shipping does not include insurance, additional fees will be added to cover insuring your shipment if you feel it is necessary. Thanks!

Crescendo’s Sharpening Service
21 Carpenter Road
Surry, NH 03431-8211


Installation Instructions

Customers often have difficulty replacing their drive lever and hand piece on the Double K clippers. These quick and easy instructions show you how to change your Double K Clipper lever in 5 easy steps and the video shows you how to change your hand piece.

How to Change a Double K Lever

How to Install Double K Hand Piece (Video)